Stage confidence 101

My journey to becoming. The year was 1994. I was a University student in an American college based in Kenya. The course, Public Speaking was a must do.. not an elective course. Speaking in front of your classmates sounds easy, right? So walk right up to the front, turn to the audience and then the reality hits you in your face. Wa! woe unto you...pairs of eyes are just staring at you. no one is smiling. Your throat has now dried up and butterflies are on the streets in your stomach. A thin sweat is trickling down your back and daring to go drip drop all the way down.. yeah, speaking in public sounds easy until you stand in front of the tribe and then...its not so easy after all.

This is just but a simple menu of the problems that befall anyone seeking to lead visibly, be it in the world of work, business or just to pass a simple course at Uni. I had been singing in church all my life so speaking in front of my classmates was supposed to be a no brainer, right? Wrong, sorry to burst your bubble. I fidgeted for 5 whole minutes which felt like forever and it was one clumsy experience. Time seemed to stand still and I had no script. It was the impromptu speech... the one where you just hear your name and you find your words as you walk to address the tribe. That is the day I knew that I don't know. And I was ready to learn, to sit at the feet of the lecturer and explore the journey to becoming. By the end of that semester, lets just say it was nothing short of an awesome experience.

I have gone on to become a published author with well over 5,000 copies of my books sold worldwide. Sorry did I lose you somewhere? Lemme backtrack a lil' bit. I was a Communication major at Daystar University in my second year and so writing and publishing were part of the deal. Today I am humbled at the kind of clientele who knock on my door, successful business owners who are tired of delegating the business they're passionate about to the Head of Marketing to pitch for big business. Because the truth is that the business owner, is the one who carries the passion of the business and that, that cannot be delegated. Successful authors also know that. Where your passion lies, therein lies your moneymaker! Are you ready to lead visibly?

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